Mentor Features

Mentor is a customer retention platform that helps companies manage multiple locations and millennial employees, quickly push out tasks and validate they are getting done, enable impactful learning and development for a new generation of learners, and track valuable customer data and feedback.

Task Management

Create tasks and oversee the daily operations of your entire team. Watch as tasks are completed and work gets done.

Remote Troubleshooting

Minimize downtime and keep your team on track while increasing efficiencies and profitability.


Onboard and train employees in one system to better monitor the performance of team members and your company.

Feedback In-Context

Mentor's patented Evaluation Platform gives managers, support personnel, and operations teams the ability to annotate submitted videos and images with voice-over audio commentary and drawings that are made directly on the media.

Full-Featured Application

Mentor provides a user-friendly platform to support your business operations - everything from managing simple to-do items to complex corporate initiatives.. Offering an engaging communication platform, interactive operations functionality with robust training and accountability support, Mentor has all the tools needed to save you time and money.


In the business world it’s the completion of small daily tasks that keep things moving forward. Mentor allows you to keep an overview of vital processes at the forefront of your team, help them prioritize, keep them engaged and hold them accountable. You watch as items are completed and have a checklist to keep team members on task as they move your business forward.

Feedback Forms

Build your own documents for your specific needs and house them inside the platform. Send a survey out to your entire team, create an inventory log and push it out to a location, or save time and facilitate your team members’ quarterly review through the Mentor platform.


Tired of sending multiple emails to convey a single message? Mentor allows you to create messages and send them to your entire team with a single action. Videos, images, documents and more can be pushed to your entire team. Now it’s easy to congratulate the team on a job well done, talk about new processes, or share vital info about upcoming meetings.

Business Insights

Know what’s happening every hour, every day. Mentor gives you the information that you need at a glance without clawing through layers of data and redundant lists. Track tasks as they are happening, validate work is done right the first time, and solve problems in hours - not days.

Robust Analytics

Data drives decisions. Mentor gives you all the data you need to make the right decisions. Get the info you need on completed tasks, who completed them and when they were completed. Run reports on staff performance, remote learning outcomes, and personnel requests that have been fulfilled. Track results over weeks, months and years to see which stores are excelling, which ones are just getting by and which ones need help. Customize your way to making data-driven decisions.